A day in the life


Being sober is an underrated pleasure. There comes a time in life when all you want is clarity, a tiny hint as to what in the world is happening to you and everyone around you. Some frame of reference. A little nudge in the right direction. The realization that you had effectively wasted the last 1 month hits you hard and you plan to lay off those greeneries for good. You pledge to be the most productive person that ever existed.

As a start, I made peace with the past and started doing the day-to-day bare minimum obligations that are expected of oneself. It felt good. Things started to fall in place. Being able to perceive the world as it is, without a hint of fatigue, does improve one’s efficiency. Good results were starting to show in all the frontiers, in the conventional sense. Days went by. I became that…

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Outside voices

Sometimes I feel like I’m headed down a dark path. Like God don’t love me . Did I do something wrong, did I do too much? Maybe I didn’t pray enough, or maybe I prayed for the wrong things. Did I love too much?  Maybe I didn’t love enough. Maybe I didn’t try hard enough,but even when I felt I did it always felt like it wasn’t enough. Am I enough for anyone , or was I just put on this earth to suffer ? Nothing seems to be going right. I feel like letting it all go. Giving up and ending this journey. Didn’t mean to sound like a quitter, but why live feeling empty . Can you hear me?


David Harrison Levi Beverly Hills CA

Remember, yoNo-Moreu don’t let go of toxic and unbalanced, emotionally unstable people and relationships gone bad because you stopped caring about the person, you let go because your mind is finally strong enough to realize just how harmful and devastating your life has become and you fear your personal safety may be at stake. I love you ♡ David Harrison Levi Beverly Hills, CA

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Dear you,



I Know sometimes you get scared. I know your hurt. I know that you still care,and your tied up with learning to let it all go.

I get it. I get the exhaust of it all. The forcing yourself to move forward and letting go. I get it all, and I understand the pressure you are under. I know you had a heart that loved past many measures, I know you were so high on the idea of love, I remember your smile that once lit up the
world. The happiness you once felt.

I know you think this is all your fault. That maybe you couldn’t offer enough. Maybe it was the fancy job you lacked or the fancy car you didn’t get the chance to have Your probably thinking of all the small term things that you felt you could’ve had to keep them around.
I know at one point you were sad, you were sad all the time, and maybe it was because you were so caught up on things you thought you needed in order to keep someone around. Don’t worry, we all fall short, but the good part is that you rise again. I fell short unlike most, i don’t have it all figured out waking up feeling hungry for change thats a start. When you begin to realize that you are worth much more than that.
Things begin to shift. Things begin to happenen. I could say it will take months, maybe years… Maybe things will make sense again, But know, If you ever felt scared, closed out, shut down,or worried, He will show you the way again. And then you’ll begin to focus on exactly
what you have and exactly whats right in front of you that never made you question you.

Wishing Your Time Away

One Step Closer

One step at a Time
One step at a Time

For a long time I’ve been holding on to something that just won’t work.I’ve been suffocating myself and starving myself in a relationship that just is not meant to be. Ignoring the truth for a fantasy that is not real. Went into a delusional state of mind only seeing nothing but a lie. Love really brings you down but love can really lift you up . I’ve allowed myself to accept bullshit and didn’t realize it until I limited my dreams for it. I lied to myself .God literally gave me all the signs and I selfishly ignored it. He wouldn’t let me suffer anymore . He literally showed me exactly what I needed to see and I won’t share, but I will say he saved me from a dream I couldn’t wake myself up from. Somewhere down the line I became angry, sad all the time I wouldn’t even hang with friends . I was a mess and I admit that. I was someone else. I’m just
Glad I was Able to get up and walk away from it. I’m happy for friends and family who never left my side. What I’m trying to say is

"I let go, got out of the way
and started trusting God.
It was then that things started
Going the right way. 
Trust God!

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